Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Science Clubs Brazil (SC Brazil)


Science Clubs is an initiative started by several Latin-American researchers and students from relevant universities in the United States (USA). All them contribute to this project at their free time searching for financial resources, elaborating and spreading the program, selecting new students at each edition and fostering collaboration among researchers and institutions in Brazil.

It is natural to expect that our current model has some limitations, but we are learning better ways to tackle our challenges in daily basis. That said, we are putting our maximum efforts to make this project a great success! In the following sections, you will find answers to some questions that young students make to us frequently.

What is the Science Clubs Brazil project?

We are a non-governmental organization, whose main mission is to expand access to scientific education of the highest quality and inspire students to become the next generation of scientists and innovators in the country.


What is a “club”?

A “club” is an applied and unique workshop, on which you can learn about Science and technology beyond the theoretical aspects, making observations, practical activities, experiments and demonstrations all carried out by YOURSELF! Each club instructors in SC Brazil organize and offer “clubs” combining their knowledge and abilities with the students’ enthusiasm. In the previous editions, our “clubs” took place at universities environments, where youngsters could learn and work in research’s workspaces. The 2020 edition, because of the new coronavirus health crisis, will be thoroughly remote with “clubs” taking place in a virtual environment.


How is going to be the 2020 Science Clubs Brazil?

In the previous three editions, students attended an on-site week-long event at a higher research and education institution, whereby they had access to free, intensive and practical courses, along with dynamic activities allowing their immersion in scientific research. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic is modifying the way people in all societies get along and host this kind of event. Aiming at following the best health and scientific practices to reduce coronavirus spread, the 2020 Science Clubs Brazil edition will occur remotely, having both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Furthermore, this year we are going to have 10 clubs, encompassing Life Sciences, Exact Sciences, Humanities and Scientific Entrepreneurship.


How and when will the 2020 Science Clubs Brazil happen?
In 2020 we reached our 4th edition! This year, Science Clubs Brazil will be realized remotely on October 10-12 2020. We are preparing an exciting scientific programme with some Live Streaming events in our YouTube Channel (Clubes de Ciência Brasil) and exclusive activities to each club selected students in a virtual environment, among others. Especially this edition, YouTube Live Streaming will become available to those who have not been selected to participate in the clubs and also to the general public. 


What do I need to take attend the 2020 Science Clubs Brazil?

The 2020 virtual edition offers the opportunity to reach more students nationwide, because even more youngsters can attend compared to on-site editions, especially those who are too far away from the usual host institutions and also the ones with a short budge to afford travel expenses. Applications for SC Brazil can be done by students from all over the country who are currently either at the high school level or the first two years of their undergraduate studies.  Nonetheless, students are going to necessarily have any technological device with adequate internet access (such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, etc), in order to keep up with live streaming sessions, perform practical activities and other tasks.


Is there any cost to attend Science Clubs Brazil?

Science Clubs Brazil is an event completely free of charge!  And in the current edition, which is going virtual, you will be able to attend from home! However, it is necessary that you have at your disposal a technological device with reliable internet access (like desktop computer, laptop, tablet, etc) to keep up with live streaming sessions, interact with other students and instructors, participate in the virtual environment with both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Unfortunately, the Science Clubs Brazil organization committee will not be able to provide any student with financial aid to purchase devices and/or internet access. 


How can I participate?

Any person regularly enrolled at the high school level or the first two years of undergraduate studies can apply to participate in the SC Brazil. Stay tuned, because the applications have defined start and end dates and are going to be disclosed in advance in our social media: Facebook (Clubes de Ciência Brasil), Instagram (@clubesdecienciabrasil) and Twitter (@CdeCBrasil). Applications will be conducted in our platform in the SC Brazil webpage (click here). 


When will the results become available?

Stay tuned at the application period! After doing it and answering all questions in the submission form, your application is going to be evaluated by the SC Brazil team. Afterwards, you will be able to see your results in the page end. Due to the high application numbers, we do not provide individual feedback and/or your classification ranking. All evaluations are final!


What is the average profile of students selected to attend Science Clubs Brazil?

If you have interest on the frontiers of scientific knowledge, is a curious and creative person to understand the phenomena surrounding your environment and truly wish to learn with researchers from Brazil, United States and other countries, the Science Clubs suits you! Follow our website and our social media to get update and learn about opportunities in participating in all Science Clubs Brazil activities: Facebook (Clubes de Ciência Brasil), Instagram (@clubesdecienciabrasil), Twitter (@CdeCBrasil) and our YouTube channel (Clubes de Ciência Brasil).


To how many clubs can I apply?

When you fill your application form, you will be able to choose two club options, according to your preferences. In case you do not get selected to your first option, you will still be considered to your second one. You can only attend one club and, once selected, you cannot change your options. Each club is limited to 20 students. If you get selected and confirm your participation, we ask you to make your best to attend the 2020 SC Brazil programme in October 10-12 2020. We do know that unexpected events might impair your participation, even after being selected. In this case, we ask you to reach us immediately, either by mail or our social media.


How can I increase my chances in being selected?

Filling appropriately your demographic information helps us in understanding the evolution of the SC Brazil as an organization and does not interfere with your selection process. The most crucial part of your application are the last questions, on which we evaluate your creativity and enthusiasm in doing science. We want to know how you structure your answer and how your critical thinking works. All evaluations are done “blindly”, not interesting to us whether you come from public or private school, if your English proficiency is good or not, your qualifications or previous experiences in topics related to science or technology and any theme related to our clubs. It is worthy mentioning that we seek gender and racial equity among the selected students. Our clubs are organized in an environment fostering diversity, collaboration and partnership among instructors, students, organizers and collaborators of our project.


What are the application steps?

1. Register in our website (click here).

2. Complete 100% of your profile (this is essential to keep going on with your application).

3. Fill the application form until completed.

4. Send the form.

5. Wait until the final results come out!

PS: We do not evaluate the speed at which you fill your application, but the quality of your answers. Therefore, take a time to answer the questions in the form, and because of that, we do not recommend that any application is conducted in smartphones.


How many years old should I be to attend the Science Clubs?

There is no age limit to attend the SC Brazil, but the majority of our students’ age range between 15 and 22 years old. Nonetheless, it is important to point that you must be regularly enrolled either at high school level or in the first two years of your undergraduate studies.


I am not in High School yet or just concluded it and I am also not in an undergraduate program or I have already concluded my 2nd year in college, can I apply? Or can I attend other activities?

The Science Clubs Brazil accepts exclusively the applications of students enrolled at high school or in the first two years of an undergraduate program. Proof of enrollment will be requested to all selected students. Nevertheless, those candidates who have not been selected to any club, as well as any interested person, will be able to watch some Live Streaming sessions on our YouTube channel (Clubes de Ciência Brasil), which will be broadcasted in the first day of this year’s edition (October 10 2020).


I am interested in the Project and want to help to make it succeed! What can I do?

We are Always looking for local volunteers to help in the organization. We are also seeking partners to admit more students in the program and instructors from all regions of the world. If you are interested in being a volunteer or a sponsor, please, e-mail us at or message us at our social media: Facebook (Clubes de Ciência Brasil), Instagram (@clubesdecienciabrasil), Twitter (@CdeCBrasil) and our YouTube Channel (Clubes de Ciência Brasil).


I am affiliated to a Brazilian institution and want my institution to become a Science Clubs Brazil host! How can we apply?

We are really grateful for your interest in the Science Clubs Brazil! That said, we always looking to aggregate more partners to our initiative. The 2020 edition will go virtual, but if your institution wants to host the Science Clubs Brazil in the future, we ask you to send us a detailed implementation plan, describing its administrative and financial sustainability to our analysis. You can send your proposal to


I am a press member and want to run a story about the Science Clubs Brazil. How can I reach the SC Brazil?

We are really grateful for your interest in the Science Clubs Brazil! As a press member, you are one of the major contributors to our program success. Please, do not hesitate to contact us at or at our social media: Facebook (Clubes de Ciência Brasil), Instagram (@clubesdecienciabrasil), Twitter (@CdeCBrasil) and our YouTube channel (Clubes de Ciência Brasil).